Toned: Footballer David Beckham regularly goes running and does leg strengthening exercises to stay in shape  
He might be in the twilight of his football career, but Beckham’s thighs are in as good a shape as ever.

His exercise regime used to include lots of weight lifting, but that caused him to gain a stone in weight and, he said, made running difficult.

So a few years ago he switched to doing an hour of Pilates a day, and more running and exercises to strengthen his upper legs.

He also refined his diet and his body fat reportedly dropped from 13.7 per cent to 8.5 per cent as a result.

Cone-jumping is a footballer’s favourite and a great way to strengthen and tone thighs.

Place five or six small cones about 50cm apart in a straight line on a non-slip floor or outside.

Stand 1ft behind the first cone with your feet hip-width apart, arms by your sides.

Fully extending your hips, knees and ankles, jump over the top of the first cone. Keep your feet level with each other in the air.

Land softly, bending forward at the waist and rolling into the heels. Push hips down to absorb the impact of landing.

With a brief pause, jump upwards and over the next cone. Continue for all six and repeat two or three times.
SOURCE: Daily Mail

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