A typically normal weekend Saturday on Dadonghai Beach becomes a swirl of music and dance as WOS buddies, visitors and other locals experience an unforgettable dance party staged by WOS Beach Bar.

This is the WOS weekend beach party, mixing sunbathers, beachgoers, swimmers, surfers, WOS buddies, tourists, locals for a ‘beach-orama’ of dance, drinks and silky sands of Dadonghai..

Not much in the way of dance at Bar Street of Sanya Time Coast on the midday sun and into the night, the WOS Beach Bar offers sundance, and sunsetdance at a much larger dancing place in the Dadonghai Area, the Dadonghai beach itself.

The dancing event attracts lots of WOS Bar buddies, visitors, and young party seeking crowd. Pop music, cold drinks are going on to ensure everyone spending good time during their stays in Sanya.

When the music starts, it becomes something other than an ordinary beach. It turns into a vast stage for the magical happening.

As WOS buddies begin their performance, their tropical passion spreads on the spectacular beach, appealing to a lot of passersby and tourists to enjoy and take photos.

Even the hot Chinese men and women are dancing and enjoying themselves on the beach with their beach wearing.

The beach is packed with a good mix of locals, tourists and expats. They show their dancing performance and have great time with the group.

With the echo of the waves, everyone is having fun by showing off that suntan as well as their best steps on the beach. It couldn’t be anything nicer than to dance on Dadonghai beach.

For the next WOS Beach Party…….. keep tuned and follow WOS What’s On and Special Events Page. 

SOURCE: WOS Beach Bar at Dadonghai