Cyclists enjoy riding in Eight Bay Greenway
Hainan Island is a heaven for bicycle riding in the eyes of bicycle lovers from home and abroad.
The officially opening of Wenchang Eight Bay Greenway on 29th August, 2011 has attracted many sport-addicts to spend much more concern on Hainan bicycle riding. A new way of bicycle riding called ‘4+2’ which combines cars and bicycles together for tripping has aroused interests among cyclists. The following are three top spots for cycling in Hainan. 
Haikou Yanfeng Village Theme Park
It takes 5 yuan to take a direct bus or 1-2 hours’ bicycle riding to Yanfeng Village from Haikou city. Mountain bikes are provided for 10 yuan per hour in Yanfeng Theme Park.
It’s a casual way to ride a bicycle around the Yanfeng Theme Park. Cyclists will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea, mangrove forests or even ship-making. When tired of riding bicycles, tourists can choose to rest under the big banyans or the pavilions beside the seas, or rent a boat to Wild Pineapple Island which is opposite to the Mangrove Forests.
Bailibai Village in Ding’an County
There are nearly 100 small towns in Bailibai Village such as Longmen Town, Lingkou Town and Hanlin Town. Bailibai Village is famous for mountain cycling; tourists can spend just 10 yuan to rent a mountain bike to ride around Bailibai Village for a whole day.
Cyclists will enjoy a lot in the rural pastoral scenery of Bailibai Village, such as old towns, new cold-springs and cliffy mountain terrain.
Wenchang Eight Bay Greenway
Wenchang Eight Bay Greenway covers many towns such as Wencheng, Qinglan, Dongge and Dongjiao, among which Hengshan Service Station near Wencheng Town is a spot suitable for bicycle riding. Cyclists can rent different types and prices of bicycles for short-distance or long-distance tripping.
There are seven scenic spots in Eight Bay Greenway such as Mangrove Landscape Greenway, Zoology Leisure Greenway, Cultural Leisure Greenway and Fishing Custom Greenway, where tourists will experience the atmosphere of farmhouses. 
Translated by WOS Team
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