Diaoluoshan Forest Park in Hainan province



Diaoluoshan extremely rare in China’s tropical rain forest, one of the original, from the highway Lingshui opening only 21 kilometers, there are provincial connected. Diaoluoshan owned Lake Forest Park, which rise amid permanent peaks, Flies the waterfall Creek Lake, Furuki trees, plants, rare birds and rare animals, cave rock formations and many other natural tourist attractions, and there on the island renowned fruit Maple Hill Falls Southland, as well as beautiful rural scenery. A tropical marine monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 24 ℃, the highest average monthly temperature Z8 ℃ (in July), the lowest monthly average temperature of 15 ℃ (in November), is an ideal "natural air-conditioning zone." Cool climate and clean air, to nature’s God, singular, ancient, Sau, wild male, secluded in a limited space, to tourists to fully demonstrate their own distinctive characteristics can not be replaced, totally different from many coastal artificial island scenic areas and "Sunshine Beach,Coconut tree windRhine" traditional characteristics, gives the United States and the enjoyment of green mold and refreshing experience, people do notThinks turns over tomusic. 
Diaoluoshan is a veritable "treasure trove of plants" and real "wildlife park" is not only refreshing, but also add many scientific knowledge is not only suitable for cold, but also suitable for summer; not only suitable for sightseeing and entertainment, more suitable for adventure tours.
On Diaoluoshan have an interesting legend, Chuan-long time ago, Diaoluoshan nine decades drought, people are harvesting a few hard year. There is a Hmong family, mother and child dependency. Son of the South-hi brave, upright, but not yet married married poor family.Also meetssevere drought this year, saw their crops have withered, and the village infirm are also dying because of hunger and thirst. South hi night had a dream, dreamed of an old man said to him: becauseDroughthere uncontrolled logging, hunting and injure the people, angered to God, complain to the Queen Mother in heaven,Dry evil spiritremoval punishment letter. To solve this difficult to be sent to speed Triangle Hill (Diaoluoshan peak), footKnife ladderplease Niangniang forgiveness, God entrusted to rainfall gongs.
After the wake, South hi folks embark on a farewell journey. Came to the summit. He climbedKnife ladder, moved the Queen Mother, to send the smallest of the seven fairiesDescending to earthgirl sent gongs. Girl, together with the South-hi God gong sounded, dumping heavy rain, such as carved Note. The young girl from the south love gratifying goods, decided not to return to the kingdom of heaven. The two married. They hung in Phoenix God gong tree, from favorable weather in the region. It took a hill in this village known as the hanging Luo (gongs) Hill, the shampoo girl lake, called Lake girl. Six fairies oftenDescending to earthto Earth together with the girl, their favorite in the south watch hanging Diaoluoshan Luo Sihai (Shanhai, Linhai, Yunhai,Fog sea) scenic spots, unfortunately Niangniang found that angry, seven fairies change for the seven pillars, which is the originSeven immortal ranges.
If you or other tropical rain forests to the expedition, please observe the evidence of the six wonders of the tropical rain forests: Root bouldering, high-board rootAncient canewrapped around the tree, the old flower stems, aerial basket , garrotte. These tours Jianfengling when we will leave it to explain it again. The attractions here are the original spots, without any artificial marks for real nature lovers who prepared a gift.
Diaoluoshan Forest Park is located in Hainan Province, near the east coast tourist hotline, distance highway Lingshui opening only 21 kilometers, there are provincial connected.
Diaoluoshan extremely rare in China’s tropical rain forest, one of the original, has a lake here, which rise amid permanent peaks,Flies the waterfall Creek Lake, Furuki trees, unique different fruits, rare birds and rare animals, such as rock caves many natural tourist attractions, renowned fruit Maple Hill Falls, as well as Southland beautiful rural scenery, cool climate and clean air, to nature’s God, singular, ancient, Sau, wild male, Youtong gathered in the limited space to show the world the full human ancestor – the charm of tropical forests.
Lake area of about 50 hectares of the lake, deep blue lake, shimmering breeze tears. Surrounded by around Castle Peak, such as a green ringJade platethe middle of the lake several Verde embellishment, it seems fewThe smoke wave is vastLo Green. 
Maple Hill fruit cataractes
Maple Hill Falls fruit renowned group in the province a total distance of about 1.5 kilometers, a total of 10 composed of multi-level falls, the larger of four, Jian Tan Sian largest waterfall drop of 150 meters, width of about 30 meters.
Viewing platform
Diaoluoshan viewing platform is located in the southernmost vein, come here, overlooks the sea in Hong Kong San Tsuen, Monkey Island, the size of the entire Lingshui Plain peaks are fresh in our memory . Overlooking the foot, will give you "will be in excellent shape when the provisional, list of small hills," the feelings, can experience the beauty of a Add grand scale. When the weather, but also towards the main peak of 1499 meters Diaoluoshan triangular mountain peak.
Diaoluoshan Village Resort is located 900 meters above sea level Diaoluoshan, the construction of a total area of about 900 acres, where year-round mild climate, the vast tropical forests surround the original. Summer season the temperature only in the 22 ℃ to 26 ℃ between the enjoyment of "Sheng summer to" name. 
Luo hanging valleyListens to the spring
"Listens to the spring" beauty lies in its clear, clean water, crystal clear and cold pure sweet. It is a valley of a yin-yang twoCurrentshape, flowing in rock crevices when rapid relief, spring ding dong wrong caused by high and low voices, or noise, orThe cry swallows, or low v., attractive, admirable.
The back of the mountain
Resort is located in the north of the mountain called Diaoluoshan primeval forest is Diaoluoshan National Forest Park, the park is full of rare wild places can also watch the original tropical rain forests in the richDifferent grassand clingWisteria, Furuki trees, aerial basket, moss secret was, rare species and even the rationale for trees, trees and other unique landscape bouldering.
"Miao Wang" tomb
Miao Chen back to the old cell with its reputation in the Miao Village, War of Resistance against Japan with his sonChen Sianresistance, led by local villagers on the winner,Qiongyaaid the guerrillas, performance the noble national integrity, to oppose the KMT after the defeat of Japan to fight a civil war, was finally trapped the Kuomintang reactionaries, the recovery was that the martyrs sacrificed and buried in the Diaoluoshan.
Eye stone waterfall
Here from the observation deck of about 5.5 kilometers. Stone eye falls about 30 meters high, is a multi-stack falls, the rainy season up to 4.5 meters width, cliffs by the two-gap spewing out, such as the dragon spit water, waterfall wearing crash Tatsu stoning and, in a secluded valley in the cause Voice of thunder and hubbub. Shi Qing, which rise amid the surrounding Pinnacle Falls, a beautiful environment, is if there is a sense of art.
Diaoluoshan the best tourist season
Forest Park Diaoluoshan annual average temperature 20 ℃, annual rainfall of 2160 millimeters, it also took up the winter wore a jacket sufficient. Diaoluoshan are tropical rain forest region, the rainy season and dry season, to distinguish between larger each year by the end of May to the end of October is the rainy season began in November to early May the following year is the dry season, which is the dry season in April and the rainy season, the interactive sessions, occasional light rain . The best tourist season is the dry season of November to March the following year, the climate is nice and cool in Melastomataceae, wild azaleas in full bloom race, butterflies fluttering. Frequent rains during the rainy season, but most of the time between the sunny weather between the rain, it can be described as "full of water Shuiguang Yan Qing good side, mountains and air Meng Yu is also surprising."
Diaoluoshan Forest Park traffic
1, Fu Tomb in Lingshui County Road 1 hour bus ride around the town to reach the No. fare 8 yuan, and change to "cat with three legs" cars, 30 minutes, 2 yuan, will be able to park at the entrance .
2, in Lingshui Diaoluoshan Forestry station work by car, the general 8:00,11:00 and 16:00 each day about a car, to the Forestry Bureau of about 40 minutes, fare 4 yuan. After the arrival of Forestry Tour can be divided into two lines, one Diaoluoshan – Maple fruit Hill Falls, the other, a young girl Lake – Tali Falls. Fruit from the Forestry Bureau to Maple Hill back and forth to be 50 yuan to 40 yuan Resort need to take 10 per girl lake.Bat holeto the small town of less than 1 km, no car, the other two lines to the town of hanging Luo rented car or a motorcycle.
Haikou Haikou Lingshui a number of East Station shuttle bus direct Lingshui, sea Steam Direct Express Haikou East Station every day from 08:30, 09:30, 10:15, 11:30, 12:20,14 : 00,15:00,15:45,17:00,17:50 start, the whole 207 kilometers, driving three hours, the fare 47. There are more than ordinary CMB, the fare is 30 yuan / person, but because there will be passengers to get off the road and the extension of travel time, do not propose to take.
Lingshui a Diaoluoshan Lingshui Forest Park to the bus station, the east side of the first intersection where the street named Fu Baoting bound by the direction of the bus to get off the town of flavor No. , 5 yuan / person; again from the town of its flavor to ride on the "triangle cat" to Diaoluoshan Hotel ,2-3 yuan / person. If direct Diaoluoshan Resort in the town of flavor No. direct rent a "triangular Cats" on the resort, one-way about 50 yuan, up to 10 people sitting, but the difficult mountain road, it is good or not the car to the side so many people, people too afraid to open the car went to the Mid-Levels fixed it an unenviable position. If fewer people can also ride on the "triangle cat" to the farm, and then rent a motorcycle up the mountain, motorcycles one-way is 50.
Haikou – Lingshui: Haikou City, the province from the long-distance passenger car ride to East Station Lingshui sea steam bus: From 08:30 am to 17:50 pm, almost an hour there is a group of sea steam bus issued travel 207 km, running two half-hour fares 48 yuan / person.
Sanya – Lingshui: from Sanya City bus terminus to Lingshui only ordinary CMB, from 06:40 am to 17:40 pm, almost every 30 minutes to issue, take high-speed road trip 80 1000 meters, moving a half hours, fares 12 yuan / person.
Return, Lingshui Bus Terminal sent to Haikou sea gas buses, almost every hour or so there is a bus issue, the earliest departure 07:30, the latest one train departure 17:00; Lingshui Bus Terminal hair Sanya to the car only ordinary CMB, take high-speed roads, the earliest departure 07:00, 17:20 at the latest one train every 30 minutes to issue.
By ordinary CMB detailed information must be the driver or conductor, whether it take the highway, take the highway in general the front window of the car will be affixed with "highway" signs. Starting from Sanya, in Sanya suggest you take the luxury bus terminus CMB, clean, safe, fast, take the highway. Do not go to the east of Sanya bus station by car, take the sea east elm, every village must be stopped, so that you regret it for days.
From Lingshui to Diaoluoshan, although private trading direct CMB, but only to the Forestry Bureau, not to the various scenic spots. To Diaoluoshan Diaoluoshan Travel Company prior to the detailed consultation with the relevant matters is a good choice. Forestry Diaoluoshan 11:00 every morning and afternoon class 16:00 each working vehicle from Lingshui Diaoluoshan sent to the Forestry Bureau, the start point of the bus station in south Lingshui 200 ~ 300 meters of the roadside car is blue and white Nissan Nanjing 17 "Iraqi Uygur tan oak" windows affixed "Diaoluoshan Welcome" and air-conditioned, you can take tourists, one-way fares by 5 yuan / person. Lingshui to Diaoluoshan Forestry trip, first take the security (Pavilion) hills (water) cement Highway No. 18 kilometers to the town, and then take the 51 in 2004 before the completion of the expansion of the cement road 8 kilometers to reach Forestry , about 30 minutes.
From the Forestry Bureau to Diaoluoshan resorts, Maple Falls and from the way of fruit trees, it must first travel company commissioned Diaoluoshan Car. Double car can take 4 people, fare 160 yuan, China and Pakistan can take the 18 ordinary people, 300 yuan fare. Lin has no other region can take a taxi. If the number is less, you can contact in advance and wait for the double car Resort then uphill fares by 5 yuan / person, but only encountered resort to return at noon to buy food or have a chance to act; or please contact the company to take other travel uphill tourists vehicles. Lingshui from the Forestry Bureau to return, there are Forestry blue and white "Iraqi Uygur tan oak" work cars, 07:00,14:00 departure time in a day, relatively fixed, the fares by 5 yuan / person; holiday travel season Forestry also has a shuttle bus, departure time, respectively 07:30,08:00,10:00,14:00 a day, are not fixed, but the fares by 5 yuan / person. 
Diaoluoshan Forest Park  food 
Diaoluoshan the resort, there are restaurants to supply dinner, there is a small shop. Yamashita’s Diaoluoshan hotel also has restaurants, dishes rich in a little bit more than the mountains. Diaoluoshan hotel next to the farm there are small shops, you can go into the mountains before the supplementary food here.
Diaoluoshan farm side there is a market, there are dumplings, steamed stuffed bun or something like that. Would like to buy a large number of the best fruit in the Progressive Diaoluoshan ago n the town to buy the No. varieties than in the Diaoluoshan farm more, but the prices are also slightly cheaper.
Tourists dining at the foot of the mountain can go to the mountain Diaoluoshan Hotel Restaurant, compare health, services in place, there is no time limit for meals. In the mountains only in the Diaoluoshan Resort restaurant, but the meal must be prior agreement. 
Breakfast is generally surface points, congee, a small silver fish, mustard, etc., there are characteristics that the dinner dishes, varieties of vegetables are generally the mountains, such as bracken (wishful vegetables, dishes fist), the revolutionary cuisine (the local people called the "Dandelion"), bitter mother dishesWhite cauliflower, as well as from the mountain where the crab caught, River prawn, river fish, such as River eel.
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