Bawangling National Nature Reserve
Bawangling National Nature Reserve lies in western Hainan about 220 km from the provincial capital of Haikou. Established in 1980 with an area of 67 square kilometers, it is the one of the most resource-rich areas of the country. UNESCO has also established a research base for biological science.
Thanks to the unique natural conditions and best-preserved ecosystem, rare species of fauna and flora flourish, including Hainan Partridge, Hainan Peacock Pheasant, coconut cat, civet, and most importantly, the last confirmed population of the rarest ape on earth: the endemic Hainan gibbon – Nomascus nasutus. In the reserve, there are more than 600 tree species, among which 27 species are under national key protection and cannot be touched. Bawangling National Nature Reserve has one of the best remaining tropical forests in China, and has recently been identified as an Important Bird Area in the Indo-Burmese Forests.
Bawangling National Nature Reserve 
The reserve comprises a series of low mountains, with the highest peak, Heiling, at 1,560 m. The vegetation types include tropical lowland and hillside rainforest, etc.
Bawangling National Nature Reserve has a tropical seasonal climate with mean annual temperature of 21.3℃ and mean annual rainfall of 1,660 mm.
Thriving plant in Bawangling National Nature Reserve  
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