Hainan Island in southern tip of China is an ideal spot for kite surfing


Hainan Island (Hainan Dao) – a great tropical island located in southern mainland China, is one of the most amazing places China. The island territory is 34000 sq.. km.


Hainan Dao-volcanic origin. Scientists proved that eight thousand years ago, Fr. Hainan ended volcanic activity, which is now elevated to indicate extinct volcanic craters, vast plateaus, mountain streams, waterfalls and hot springs favored by tourists. The highest point of the island reaches a height of 6000 meters above sea level.


Capital of the island-city of Haikou, and Sanya is the southernmost tip of the island, with three sides surrounded by mountains and bordered by sea on the fourth. Coastline Sanyi has 209 km, sandy beaches, coconut groves, harbors and bays, grottos – all this gives the city a special attraction.


Being on the same latitude as Hawaii, Sanya has similar climatic conditions, which certainly pleases fans of wind and waves, so as not to be born in Hawaii, to feel the kicks and kite anything currently no denying.


No doubt about. Hainan may be called an international Mecca of classical and kite surfing in the next ten years. The only year-round resort in China, is unique in its ecology, flora and fauna, all of which creates ideal and a variety of kite / surf spots.


It has everything that should be on a tropical island: the beautiful sea, white beaches, untouched nature, rich underwater world, fantastic coral and of course the wind and waves.


Moreover, the island combines the urban center of modern life, with beaches, shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, all of which creates an excellent option for active recreation, as in the company of like-minded, and with his family. That is what attracts more and more people and more recently thermophilic kitesurfer and surfers from around the world, have turned the island into a place of his permanent and kite-round deployment.


Second consecutive year an international championship in the classic surfing and kite surfing not far off.


Washed by waves of Hainan, South China Sea, where the average annual air temperature is +26 ° C, water +24 ° C. Hotter total in July – temperatures can reach +37 ° C, water +35 ° C. The coldest month – January (+22 ° C).


From October to March, the north wind blows steadily from May to July season thermal southern winds and typhoons.


In the morning, the wind is blowing every day for at least 5 m / s, which is ideal for learning, and in the afternoon increased, reaching 15 to 25 knots or more, which together with the excellent conditions of local beaches, unforgettable memories in my heart each.


The large number of broad and long beaches around the coast of the island can enjoy kite in any wind direction.


SOURCE: www.scubavenue.com


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