So you have always dreamt of a fit and flexible body? Well, it’s time to realise your dreams with these easy tips…

Walk tall : Going by the increasing rate of people suffering from back problems, we all know that it’s very critical to ease the burden on your lower back. So it’s best to walk tall to distribute the load. Experts believe that standing straight is an easy way to not only exercise your back but to also trim down.

Lift heavy weights : This one is especially for women. Do you often find yourself saying no to heavy weights? Well, it’s a proven fact that lifting heavy weights strengthen your muscles. When you lift only light weights, some muscles remain untrained and turn into flab. Hence, include a heavy weights routine in your week’s workout regime and see the results.

Run and jump : Belly fat is the most common problem these days. While painful ab exercises and other techniques do exist to burn it out but the best, and simplest way is to walk, run and jump as much as you can. Make yourself get a total of 60 minutes of workout in a day. It could be done while walking your pet, walking up to the super mart, running on the treadmill or doing intensive house chores. Just ensure that this quota is met!

So you take the stairs? You have heard that one must take the stairs. But did someone tell you that just taking the stairs is not enough. Every step can give good results if done in a desired manner. The best way to climb the stairs is to run on it or take two at a time. Experts say that it also slows down the ageing process.

Eat more whole foods . Your face and body is an end result of what you eat. Experts say that having more vegetables, nuts, fruits and whole grains provide free-radical-fighting nutrients that give you a healthy skin and a well-tuned digestive system.

Deep breathe : This is one lifestyle change that can change your life. Deep breathing for at least 15-20 minutes daily not only erases your stress but also banishes wrinkles. Experts say that it’s an important way to omit toxins from your body. A free mind leads to a healthy body!




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