The 108 metre Guanyin is the biggest statue in the world, which is 15 metres taller than the Statue of Liberty.


Although this is not a place for everyone, Sanya Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Tourism Zone is still one of the largest cultural tourist attractions of its kind in whole China, which sits just 40 km west of Sanya City along the Hainan West Expressway. There are three main parks within Nanshan: The Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park; The Felicty and Longevity Cultural Park.


Nanshan has been deemed an auspicious and blessing land in Brahma.


As a National AAAA Class Scenery Park, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone provides you with an ideal paradise where you can worship the Buddha eat the vegetarian food and view the enchanting scenes. The zone is composed of three Parks with special themes.

Nestling at the foot of Nanshan(South Mountain), the temple was completed on 12 April, 1998, the 2,000th anniversay year of Buddhism coming to China. With its total floor space of 40,000 sq meters (10 acres), Nanshan Temple boasts several replicas of Tang Dynasty architecture .




The key feature of the zone is the three sided statue of Guanyin Buddha, Buddhist Temples, spectacular landscape and sea views. The zone has been designated a Priority Project of China Tourism Development and earmarked for further development. Recently completed, the bronze statue of Guanyin Buddha stands 108 meters tall on a man made island in the sea just off Nanshan.

In addition, there are many other enchanting sights in Nanshan Temple:

The Golden Jade Kwan-yin Statue: this amazing national treasure is 13 feet high covered with gold and silver, embedded with 120 carats of South African diamonds plus countless jewels and two sacred Buddhist relics.

Sea Watch Terrace: Just in front of the Nanshan Temple is a terrace directly facing the South China Sea.

Tips: The vegetarian food in Nanshan Temple is very famous, including many nutrituious dishes made of wild fungus, konjak and bean products.




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