"Incense Burner mist rises to meet the sun, Waterfall suspended from distant river. Three thousand feet plummets straight down, the Milky Way cascading from the Ninth Heave." Whoever reads Li Po’s poems or watches movies in which canyoning fanciers trace down the plummeting waterfalls may get inspired to go for a try.

With assistance of Seagull, boss of the Green Field, a party of 10 of common interest packed up for set-off at 9:00am, June 3,to head for a canyoning experience at Fengguoshu Waterfall located on Mt. Diaoluoshan, Lingshui County. The party was comprised of young sweet girls who have never seen waterfall like me, and experienced canyoning expert like Seagull. We were in high spirit with full expectations. To make every minute count, Seagull elaborated us the security instructions, skills and cautions for our coming challenge throughout the way.




After one and a half hours we arrived at Mt. Diaoluoshan National Forest Park, one of China’s rare primitive rain forests that cover an area of 3.8 hectares. Its main peak rises 1519 meters high with multi-layered ridges, is where home to abundant species of plant clusters and rare animals .Waterfalls, brooks and deep pools spread in all directions. Fengguoshu are spotted on the foothill of Mt. Diaoluoshan, extends 1.5km long, comprises 15water sections with highest falling gap up to 150 meters, splashing violently to present a gorgeous look .We had no idea whether it meant helpful or the adverse, for we were caught in sprinklings right after we reached the water-breaking point, which made our canyoning more adventurous and interesting. Some old bucks couldn’t help but screamed to abreact their excitement, which we shared immediately. The first model action was made by Seagull, who looked relaxed like a tree clinging on the water screen to enjoy striking of the pouring currents. I was probably influenced by seagull’s comfy performance, for I was not nervous at all when it came to my turn.




After wrapping my self in helmet, gloves and mountaineering shoes, Xiao You, our security leader, examined on me again to make sure everything was in place. Now it’s time for descending, I repeated all key instructions in mind ,held the rope tightly with both hand, my legs split to stand firmly against the waterfall cliff, bent the legs when body extended backwards in from of sitting with barycenter on the rear waist, used my hands to keep balance when t was slowly descending. At first the currents were not rushing, only lower part of my body touched the water. As I went down bit-by-bit till my head was totally down the waterfall source, I started to feel my entire body wrapping in the downfall. The lower I moved, the more powerful rushing I could feel. When I was down for about 50 meters, I heard the cheering of my teammate from up above. I echoed shouting exaltedly back to them and suddenly, I lost my barycenter. My feet slipped from the cliff and my body was totally suspended in the air. Thankfully, the instructions did help. I grabbed the rope with all my power to move gradually, and eventually managed back to the cliff. What a thrill!

One must absolutely not bear two minds in canyoning, especially for a learner. I surely violated the taboo and was severely criticized by club leaders after the game. I touched down smoothly, got entirely wet at the moment I broke the water mixing rainwater and tears of victory. Majorities believe that canyoning can only be played by professional extreme sportsmen. Yet all professionals were once fanciers. Most of the outdoor training companies like Green Field provide professional guidance and equipments. Therefore, as long as you are courageous and confident enough, you can join and challenge the extremity.

Canyoning, you can do it!

Canyoning is a high-risk sport that requires professional skills. You can only be involved under guidance from professional coach with special fittings.


SOURCE: sanyatravelguide.com


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