Every year, thousands of golfers flock to Sanya to enjoy the magnificent weather and their favorite game of golf. With over 10 golf courses to choose from, miles and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, oceanfront hotels that reaching for the sky, and numerous tropical attractions Sanya is on its way to becoming the “Golf Capital of Asia”.
If you have yet to experience what it’s like to golf in Sanya, a contemplating consideration for your Sanya golf vacation should be needed to avoid disappointment.
A frequently asked question is "when is the best time to play golf in Sanya?" The answer depends on the weather and "whether" you want to pay premium rates or play at lower rates. Sanya golf courses basically charge according to the ‘high’ season and ‘low’ season.
The best time for golf play is from November to March when offers ideal temperatures. The city has mostly mild winters of short duration from December to February. You may have days where it will get to cooling at night, but you’ll still enjoy moderate temperatures during the daylight hours. At the same time, the city can be a little crowded and the rates start hiking up getting ready for the annual winter peak season.
If you’ve never been to Sanya in the summer and also are looking for lower golf rates outside of ‘prime’ time, making the golf trip to Sanya between early April and mid-October is worth recommended. Despite of the fact that the weather is hotter and humidity higher, this is a time where nightlife really comes alive, and the ocean is like bath water. Besides, playing in the early morning hours lessens the impact of those two elements.
If you’re looking for value, April is an ideal time of year to play golf. The weather is almost perfect, the triangle plum bloom along the fairways and the golf courses are usually in great shape. Golf rates are much cheaper and the beach is a great pit stop after playing a round of golf.
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