Following the 2013 Sanya Ladies Open at Yalong Bay Golf Club, the newly crowned Ladies European Tour (LET) champion, Lee-Anne Pace, was given the rare opportunity to adopt and name an endangered baby sea turtle hatchling. As the baby turtle gave her new mother a flipper hug, Pace proclaimed, "Jagger," as the turtle’s name.
Jagger is one of several sea turtles who, after being rescued by Sea Turtles 911, will be nursed and attended to until, like the others, she becomes strong enough to defend and fend for herself in her natural aquatic habitat. Pace said, "I look forward to coming back next year not only to play golf, but to release Jagger back to the ocean."
Sea turtles need extra help to ensure their survival since due to poaching, the vast majority of marine turtles’ survival is under constant human threat. Poachers forestall the survival of the sea turtle species by stealing eggs and turtles from remote nesting areas, bringing them to Hainan Island to be sold in the local markets for human consumption. As such, Sea Turtles 911, in an effort to help curtail this occurrence, rescues imperiled turtles from the markets as part of their overall sea turtle conservation strategy. To lend a helping hand to these rescue efforts, adopt endangered sea turtles at