Reporter learned from the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce today, after State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "Several Opinions on Support of Construction of Hainan International Tourism Destination", in order to use preferential policies given to our province in "Several Opinions" and actively serve the construction of Hainan International Tourist Island, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has studied and formulated 34 specific measures in a timely manner, and carried out 21 preferential policies in “opinions”. Business scope such as relaxing the investment of yacht, golf, postal services, car rental service, and sedan travel, and relaxing sponsorship condition of enterprise and shareholder qualification condition is stipulated in “Opinion”.

According to regulations, Hainan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce relaxes the business scope such as investment of yacht, golf, cruise, car rental, sedan travel and other services, in addition to pre-approval and being prohibited by laws and regulations, enterprises are allowed to choose management projects and carry out business activities. Support and optimize tourism product structure, and actively register the new special tourism products which are prohibited by laws and regulations and agreed by industry authorities.

Administration for Industry and Commerce greatly supports service enterprises with foreign investment to accelerate development, uses foreign (regional) foreign-invested enterprises wholly foreign-owned enterprises and foreign-owned investment enterprise, with registered capital of 30 million Yuan, for those engaged in modern service industry and high-tech industries, "(China)" words can be used in name. Unless otherwise stipulated in special provisions, the foreign-invested enterprises and their authorized service branches can directly apply for registration procedures of other operating branch institutes to the local registration authority.
According to regulations, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce relaxes use condition of our foreign-invested enterprises, allows foreign invested enterprises to use the English letter of famous firm of the enterprise foreign countries (regions) investors as the font size, and facilitates the unified management of foreign invested enterprises across districts.

Relax shareholder qualification condition, in addition to being prohibited by laws and regulations, all enterprises, social organizations, public institutions, and non-governmental non-enterprise entities with legal personality and in accordance with statutory criteria, as well as individual enterprises, partnership enterprises, individual businesses, natural persons, residents and villagers committees, who can become corporate shareholders or stock investors.

Actively guide the tourism enterprises to implement trademark strategy, according to the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, local Administration for Industry and Commerce of "100 scenes in Hainan" should guide the operators or administrators of the scenic zone to register scenic zone trademark, scientifically develop tourism resources, and promote local tourism economy development.




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