It is hard to distinguish four seasons in Sanya just by looking at the golf courses and its green, because it’s an evergreen city and it suits for golf playing throughout the year, Sanya has the most qualitative golf courses in China, and it is considered as a ‘golf paradise’ on the tropical island with luxuriant coconut trees, tropical vegetation, beautiful seashore, and luxury clubhouses.

Play golf in Sanya which brings you mental and physical luxury indulgence, and it will be a more charming tour if you choose the golf courses which locate beside seashore. Just imagine the graceful arc after your swing pole accompanying with the voice of ocean waves and the smell of coconut trees, the supramundane atmosphere keeps you away from the earthly life .That is the spirit of golf.

Golf 1: Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club—Forest. Valley. Membership



Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club is invested by Sanya Lanhai Yuntian Forest Park CPDC, committed to create a golf club with original ecological rainforest which fully utilizes forest, mountain, and ocean. IT is membership—based, guaranteeing members’ rights and benefits.

It’s an international standard 18-hole par 72 mountain course, with the original ecology tropical rainforest and lake, designed by United States designer master. IT is a new interpretation to the realm of ‘reform nature, restore nature’. The course covers an area of more than 3000 acres, with 7151-yard length fairway, and the largest drop between the fairways is more than 50 meters, which is really challenging for golfers. Superfine seashore Paspalum grass greens are comfortable foe pushing. The majestic original ecological environment and rational layout fairways fulfill the different requirements of golf enthusiasts. The Southeast Asia style clubhouse will bring you mysterious ambience and luxurious temperament into the swing.

Golf 2: Yalong Bay Golf Club—Full-time Indulgence



Yalong Bay Golf Club is one of the masterpieces of Robert Trent Jones China. During the pre—construction period, Robert Trent Jones Jnr. Was already impressed by the perfect environment and natural beauty of Yalong Bay. After serious consideration, he decided to build the golf course as a world-class coastal vacation championship course. He expected that same as golf courses in Hawaii, Yalong Bay Golf Club would be the course for professional tournaments and commercial golf events, and a reputable vacation paradise for international golfers.

International brand hotels offer luxurious accommodation ensuring Yalong Bay Golf Club an unparalleled golfing destination. Moreover, many integrated entertainment facilities and tourism destinations stand not far from the course, making your golf tour more wonderful. The five—star clubhouse covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and you will see a more modern and fresher appearance to the clubhouse lobby, locker rooms. The design will incorporate running water to bring a concept of tranquility and feelings of spaciousness.


Golf 3: Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort—Famous 18-Hole Course with Best Design



Nestled among Yalong Bay’s mountain ridges and valley, Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort is situated on higher ground where can overlooking the whole Yalong Bay basin. Standing in this brilliant resort, you are surrounded with bird’s chattering and ocean breeze, definitely a paradise for all golfers.

With the success of the Lotus Hill Golf Resort at Guangdong region, Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort is another stately development by the Donson Interna-tional Development Limited and designed by JMP of California, a renowned golf course architect. It occupies a total area of approximately 200 hectares, and will an 18 hole, 7.875 yards and 73—par golf course. As the golf resort is generally nestled among natural surroundings, the course is equally enthralled with plenty of water hazards to provide a challenging for golfers, the most challenging is the ninth hole with offer a strong statement of the rustic desert—style layout at the Desert Course. And it has the only par—6 hole, the largest green and the longest continual tee zone in China in addition, Those special designs always bring new challenge and surprise to all golfers.

Golf 4: Sanya Richuguangguang Golf Club—Swing till the End of the Earth



Playing golf nearby the end of the Earth is amazing and sounds really attractive, and that is why we come to Sanya Richuguanguang Golf Club, which adjoins to the Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Area.

Registered in September, 1992, the wholly-owned club was invested by Japan Richuguanguang Investment Co., Ltd. It was opened on 1st December, 1995. The course covers an area of 1321 acres, with international standard 18-hole, par 72 field mountain terrain fairways. Since 2003, the fairways carried out a series of improvements to make it more challenging .The 5045 square meters hall is equipped with restaurants guest rooms, change rooms, lounges, Karaoke ,tennis court, ethnic song and dance arena, outdoor BBQ and other ancillary facilities. It has Asia’s largest orchid ornamental garden, and a tropical fruit garden covered an area of 130 acres, with hundreds of typical plants and more than 10 types of rare tropical fruit trees. Come to swing under the smell of flowers and fruits, enjoy the tropical landscape in Sanya.

Golf 5: Hainan Qixianling Golf & SPA—Golf Swing. Hotspring. Fairyland. Vila



Hainan Qixianling Golf&SPA is located at the south part of Five-Finger Montain which is in the middle of Hainan Island. It is next to Qixianling National Forest Park. The peaks look like seven fairies. There is mysterious tropical rainforest, with unique natural hot springs, countryside and folk customs. It’s an excellent choice for golfers who love springs and spa.

Designed by United States golf designer master Mark mile, an international standard 18-hole par 72 mountain course, covering an area of 1488 acres, with 7151 yard length fairway, make full use of the original topography, so that the fairway shuttles between the thick rubber trees and natural lakes. The largest drop between the fairways is more than 50 meters, which is really challenging. The greens on the water could test the precision of skills, and the ridge lines are protean, so that strategies can be brought into full play. The club has 14 resort villas in different style, with more than 65 deluxe rooms of 5-star. It is a perfect combination of leisure and golf, leading your soul to the purest nature, while luxury is redefined by nature.

Golf 6: Sanya LuHuitou Golf Club—Indulgence comes after appreciation



Without too much driving, the blatant of city fades away into the distance and is overtaken by the quiet beach, at the southernmost tip of the island, there is a beautiful place called Luhuitou Golf Club.

LuHuitou Golf Club is invested by Shanghai Ming Shen Group, designed by Nelson Haworh, the chief designer of N&H which is considered as one of the most famous companies specializing in golf courses design. Huihuitou Golf Course is a 18-hole, 72-pa, fulfilling international championship’s standards. It is a unique double-bay course, covering over 1100 acres. The designer fully utilized the original ecological landscape, forming narrow fairways, a lot of big bunkers, and rolling grasses. Therefore, swinging in this course will be more interesting and challenging, as the difficulty is increased by the complexity of terrain. There are 2 seaview fairways and 15 lakeview fairways, composing a beautiful landscape painting. Swing with the companion of green mountain and blue ocean is a sort of mental and physical indulgence.


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