Given the fact that Hainan already holds two "records" — it is the only tropical  resort island in China, and it has the highest density of luxury hotels and resorts in China — Hainan has continued applying for Guinness World Records.
It is entertaining to think that somewhere, anytime, there is a certain group of people devoting themselves to setting bizarre records. Nowadays, setting a Guinness world record is often used as a way of creating buzz to promote business and local tourism.
1. In November 2013, a 186.7-meter-long and 1.38-meter-wide Li brocade tapestry named "Splendid Li Minority," reflecting various folk customs and the history of the Li minority in Hainan, was awarded the Guinness World Record for the worlds largest brocade project. 
The Li brocade tapestry was designed by the brocade researchers from the Hainan Nationality Studies Institute and weaved by workers from Wuzhishan Xinda Ethnic Brocade Tourism Development Center, who spent a year to complete the project. As a captivating historical panorama displaying the traditional Li cultures and folk customs, the project consists of 12 parts and depicts more than 50 scenes and 598 characters.
2. In October 2012, Mission Hills Haikou was named the Worlds Largest Spa Resort by Guinness World Records. The spa resort Mission Hills Haikou has a total area of 176,284.14 sq m.
3. In celebration of the 2012 Beijing Olymic Games, Hainanese Huang Kaiyu spent more than eight months to create a 2,112-meter-long calligraphy album, which was recognized as the longest calligraphy album by Guinness World Records in August 2008.
4. In March 2012, 10,100 people ate Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles together to set a record for most participation in the world.
5. Dongfang City set a world record for planting 3.6 million rosewood trees in May 2011.
6. In the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, the Temple of thirty-three Guan-Yin Statues claimed the record for having the most Guanyin statues in the world.
7. In June 2005, a seven-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy swam across the Qiongzhou Strait between Guangdong Province and Hainan Island, becoming the youngest swimmers ever to cross the strait.
8. In June 1999, the Jade Belt Beach in Boao, Qionghai City was listed in the Guinness world records by Guinness Shanghai headquarters for the narrowest sand peninsula to separate a river from the sea.
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