The upcoming 7-day National Day holiday is one of longest public vacation in China. Some people may go back to their hometown to visit their families, some may take a trip, exploring a place they’ve never been to, while others would rather stay at home, taking a good rest. WOS has gathered some information about fun places for you to explore in Sanya during this National Day holiday.


Sanya Romance Park 三亚千古情



Sanya Romance Park is one of the best places to visit in the city during the holiday. It is a cultural recreation theme park with various fun filled with activities. You can easily spend half day there and it has fun cultural activities for all ages apart from enjoying its beautiful workshops.






It is also a good place to enjoy with your family. Stay up till evening to watch “The Legend of Romance”– this program is really spectacular, which is based on Sanya history and mythology which is mixed by singing, dancing and acrobatics together and not to be missed. Some of the other attractions are Yazhou Ancient City, Technique and Amusement Museum, Children Playground and Children Playground


Sanya Water Bus Tour 三亚海上巴士



Sanya Port once the old fishing dock of the city provide visitors with the enlightening experience of Sanya’s past and present. You can take a scenic Sanya Water Bus Tour to see the contrast between the historically old buildings around Nanbianhai Dock and the amazing modern ones. The water bus tour departs from the Nanbianhai Dock. Some of the sightseeing highlights of the water bus route are West Island, the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Dongtian Park and the Tianyahaijiao Scenic Spot.


Ice Wonderland 南极冰上乐园



Covering an area of 1200 square meter, the unique atmosphere of this Ice Wonderland is sure to grab your attention and keep you entertained for hours.


Ices in various colors are used in the sculptures. Combined with the lighting and sound effects, the sculptures are sure to stun and surprise you.


If you want to have a "cool" and fun holiday, this exhibition is definitely right for you.


Yalong Bay Seashell Exhibition Hall 亚龙湾贝壳馆



This exhibition presents dozens of samples, pictures, and documentaries depicting seashells living in the ocean. Photos of some of the world’s most precious shells, such as the Angel Wing and ammonite are also on display in the hall. The exhibition aims to spread awareness of the need to protect marine resources.