The construction of Hainan Danzhou Guangcun Cigar Town has been undergoing smoothly. Its main landmark architectures have been structured ready.


The Danzhou Guangcun Cigar Town consists of a landmark architectures area, a cigar tobacco farming and processing area and a scenery town.


The Danzhou Guangcun Cigar Town is currently the only cigar scenery town in Hainan province as well as the only large-scale cigar plantation base of the country, and combines a cigar bar, factory, cultural shows, waterfront bars, themed cafes, business conference center, wedding plaza, and a series of accommodation, catering and business facilities.


Covering an area of 220 acres, the Danzhou Guangcun Cigar Town involves in an investment of 200 million yuan and currently the project has seen investment of 170 million yuan.