Ledong, a tropical county located in the southwest of Hainan, enjoys a high quality coastline of 84.3 kilometers.
Ledong is the biggest autonomous county with the largest population in Hainan. It boasts abundant tropical tourism resources and a favorable geographic location as well, which makes it an ideal place for leisure, tourism and health care.
When you are travelling to Ledong, here are 3 fun outdoor activities for you to enjoy in the region.
Watching a splendid sunset at Longmu Bay
If you are looking for a sunset beach in Hainan, Longmu Bay is a good option with its mountains, ocean and fishing boats.
Compared with the eastern coastline of Hainan, the beaches in Ledong County are more tranquil and less crowded.
As the sun goes down, the sparking lights begin to shine at Jianfengling Ridge and the unique harmony of colors and lights start showing up in the blue sky over Longmu Bay before watching the sun touch the water with its final golden rays where you can enjoy reflecting upon the wonders you have seen during the day.
Enjoy traditional salt making at the Yinggehai Salt Field
Established in 1958, the Yingge Salt Field is the largest of its kind in Hainan.
Located on the waterfront of southwest Ledong County and backed by Jianfengling Ridge Forest, the salt fields sparkle in the sun.
The salt making uses seawater as the basic raw material and uses mud from the beach. The salt is made mostly by solar and wind evaporation. The high quality salt is very solid and pure, with a cube shape and a translucent white color.
The salt field from a distance is like a bed covered with a vast layer of white snow and Jingjiling Ridge is the best point to take in a panoramic view of the silver salt sea.  

Having fun with beach fishing
In Ledong, several townships like Jiusuo Liguo, Huangliu, Foluo, Jianfeng and Yinggehai enjoy a beautiful coastline which includes the beautiful Longteng Bay, Longqi Bay and Longmu Bay.
When it comes to sea fishing, many people think they need to take boats to set out to the sea. However, beach fishing in these 3 bays is much more attractive since Ledong is famous for its shallow beaches, allowing you to fish without the need for a boat.
If you choose a holiday villa close to Longmu Bay, you may like to try a bit of beach fishing during your holiday. Coming home with the freshest, tastiest fish locally sourced is the best way to eat and here in Ledong it is the norm and the reason why a fish lunch or dinner is such a treat.