On 24th February, the 2014 Daxiaodongtian Temple Fair, one of the main supporting activities for the 10th Dragon-Head-Raising Festival, was unveiled at Sanya Dongtian Park, and the fair will run till 2nd March this year.
The week-long temple fair has attracted many vendors selling different kinds of authentic Hainan snacks, such as Hou’an Rice Noodles, Lingshui Soured Noodles and Hainan Rice Noodles as well as a wide selection of Chinese regional delicacies.
In addition, the temple fair will feature a display of folk handicrafts, cultural shows and art performances to show the tourists Hainan’s profound and unique folk culture.
The 10th Dragon-Head-Raising Festival will take place on 2nd March. On the day, a series of activities including the South China Sea Blessing Ceremony, the Dongtian lecture and climbing mountain competition is bound to be a cultural feast for all.