Sanya will officially stage “Sanya’s Stories of Grand Ages”, a mega Hainan-style show from September 15 to boost the city’s tourism and welcome the peak tourism season.
Sanya will officially stage “Sanya’s Stories of Grand Ages”, a mega Hainan-style show from September 15 to boost the city’s tourism and welcome the peak tourism season. Currently, the careful preparation and rehearsals are in progress as planned.
Its showpiece has a multi- million dollar hi-tech stage at Yingbin Road in Sanya. The show will blend music, lights, dance, and holographic projection into one extravaganza. The organizing company in charge of this show business will formally launch the 400 million RMB (about 65 million dollars) programs of performances and shows in two weeks with many local governmental top officials and business leaders from the global travel industry invited to the opening ceremony. More than four thousand and seven hundred audience can enjoy the show each time in the specially-designed venue for this mega show.
“It can be compared to shows in Las Vegas or Disneyland in terms of the money invested. But this one is specially designed for Hainan and won’t be remade or shown elsewhere. We creatively linked the famous historical figures with stories in Hainan, Hainan local cultures and arts together, and featured the wonderful natural view of the beautiful island”, said the managing director of this mega local culture-featured show.
The show will include three-dimensional images of Hainan’s typical scenic views in a dreamlike atmosphere. Other features include dances about local history and myths, luxuriously-designed stage costumes featuring local ethnic cultures, trendy Sand Arts, and light&fire effects will also be used. Flashing searchlights, multi-layer stages in this mega show have been planned to draw more domestic and international visitors. There will be a sand painting masterpiece of three hundred square meters, the biggest one in the world to be shown in the performance gala. There will be several sections in this show, including “Sand Art and the World”, “Luobi Cave”, “Silk Road on the Ocean”, “Jianzhen Monk’s journey to Japan”, “Deer looks back”, “Lady Xian”, and “Beautiful Sanya”.
Other highlights are Bungee Jumping “Fish”, Laser Li Brocade Sky Show, Flying Man, and Jianzhen Monk’s Great Journey with the show business equipments like fantastic light decorations, wave-generating machine, and super jet pipe systems, and holographic projection. In Bungee Jumping Fish Show, performers will jump from a vertical height of 30 meters and threw themselves into deep water with vine as the natural Bungee elastic cord, with beautiful splashing water forming crystal-clear Chinese characters.  In the Laser Li Brocade Sky Show, the creative team and staff use super laser beamer to form beautiful Brocade-like pictures in an area of thousands of square meters of the velvet-dark night sky and artificial clouds, together with real clouds will form magnificent patterns with the sky as a perfect background. Some Gold-lion Award winning acrobats will participated in the Jianzhen Monk’s Great Journey Show to interpret the great struggle and determination of that monk over the sea in a fascinating way. Buildings near the stage will join in and light up and add more dreamlike atmosphere to the show.
Sanya will benefit greatly from this show performance because tourists will have more alternatives of entertainments during the nights. “It would not be good for Sanya’s image if there were few choices during the nights for tourists. I think the one billion costs for building venues and staging the shows are relatively reasonable and Sanya will also have great tourism gains and cultural promotion results”, said Mr. Huang Qianglin, the director of the grand show.


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