artworks of Qi Baishi
Artworks of Qi Baishi (file photo)
An exhibition of Chinese master artist Qi Baishi is on display at Hainan Museum starting 29th June, providing a very rare opportunity for local residents to see works by one of the most influential Chinese painters.

The exhibition displays 40 masterpieces including some of Qi's most renowned paintings, such as watercolors of shrimps, fish, birds, insects and flowers, which vividly reflect the beauty of nature. Some of his calligraphy works are also being showcased.

The pieces on display have been selected from more than 400 of Qi’s works collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The exhibition aims to present the art master's close association with everyday people both in terms of his art and his life experience.
The exhibition of Qi Baishi's work runs until July 29th.