Tomb of Hai Rui

Hai Rui was an incorruptible and popular Ming dynasty official who was eventually banished to Hainan Island after criticising the emperor.
Hairui Tomb is a key national cultural protection unit. It represents people’s esteem towards Hai Rui. He was born in Qiongshan and was known as "Hai Qingtian" (incorruptible official). The tomb was built in 1589 and it is said that when people was carrying Hai Rui’s coffin, suddenly the rope broke, and then people decided that this should be the place.
Hairui Tomb has an area of 7.4 acre and some of the constructions in the tomb garden remain intact. With an area of over 4,000 square meters (4784 square yards), the layout was designed according to the level of the official titles at that time.
Entering the tomb garden, you will be greeted by the exuberant pines, coconut palms and sweet lotus, which make the garden tranquil and simple. In the middle of the tomb, there is a high archway. The grave path is paved with granite and there are three memorials on the way. On the sides of the path leading to the tomb, there stands stone statue shaped like sheep, horses, lions, tortures, and human beings. Walking forward and stepping up three levels of stairs, you can see a stone tortoise carrying a stele on its back.
Thirty meters (32.8 yards) farther still on the third level is the tomb area of Hai Rui. In front of it lies an incense burner which is also solemn. On each side stand four 4-meter-high (13-feet-high) monuments by Hai Rui’s disciples and colleagues. Behind those, are the four levels of stairs and the tomb of Hai Rui.
Hairui Tomb was completely built by granites at three meters and formed like an ancient bell. The base of the tomb is octagonal with four carved stories. On these stories is a round ceiling made out of pieces of vesuvianites from Hainan Island. Evergreen trees are planted around the cemetery.
A pavilion stands behind the tomb with two couplets by Hai Rui, both praising his honesty. Going to its back you will see the Qingfeng Pavilion displaying Hai Rui’s stories and relics, and you can understand why he has been respected by generations of people.
Hairui Cultural Exhibit Hall is also in the cemetery.
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