Wenchang Confucius Temple in Hainan province



Wenchang Confucius Temple is  located in Wenchang City of Hainan Province. It was originally built in the Northern Song Dynasty, and relocated to Wenchang in the Ming Dynasty. It is the best preserved ancient architecture in Hainan, and it is also the most unique tourist attraction in South China. It is crowned as the No. 1 temple in Hainan.
Wenchang Confucius Temple covers an area of 3300 square meters. It is compact in layout and also bilateral from left to right. There are the Lingxing Gate, Panchi Pool, Zhuangyuan Bridge and the statue of Confucius. Beside the bridge, there is an ancient well, called Saint Spring. The water is clear and sweet, and never dry for hundreds of years. The main architectures in the rear courtyard are the Dacheng Gate and Dacheng Hall. In front of the Dacheng Gate, there stands the statue of Confucius. Dacheng Hall is wooden, with primitive simplicity. In the hall, there are the tabernacle, statue, stele and credence.
Most buildings in the temple are carved with flowers, birds and animals. In the halls beside the rear courtyard, there exhibits the works of famous painters and calligraphors. Every year, people will hold the activities of sacrificing Confucius.
The temple was first built during the 11th century, after repeated renovation and expansion since the Ming Dynasty. The temple is also one of the biggest and most impressive examples of ancient architecture in Hainan. The Wenchang Confucius Temple was built to honor Confucius, perhaps the most famous philosopher in Chinese history.
The temple is strictly built according to the uniform structure of Confucius temples throughout China, strictly following Chinese architectural principles of symmetry.
Entering the gate, the first thing you meet is a life-sized statue of Confucius. Further back is a wooden hall, where the calligraphy of famous and powerful emperors from throughout Chinese history are hung. In the middle of the hall, memorial tablets dedicated to Confucius and his twelve best disciples are solemnly placed. In the two side rooms are tributes including painting and calligraphic work by famous artists. Also here are replicas of portraits of 72 Confucian disciples (the originals are on display in the Confucius Temples in Shandong and Beijing).
Address: No. 77 Wendong Road, Wenchang, Hainan

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