What’s On Sanya (WOS in short) is a marketing arm of WOS Group which dedicates its works to Hainan Island. Its objective is to work and live with Hainan expatriates, Hainan tourists and Hainan people, finding out their information needs and other requirements. WOS will collect data in the forms of articles, economic data, statistics, what’s on, news, events, and dissimilate the information to fulfill those needs.

WOS brings information to you about Hainan life-style, entertainment, food & wine, culture, economy, government policies of the Island province, in its portal web www.whatsonsanya.com.

The WOS team is committed to bringing most up to date news, latest happenings, what’s going on, travel, entertainment, sports, wine and food in this tropical island.

WOS is focused to tell people from outside Hainan and outside China about the wonderful world of Hainan Island.

WOS prides itself to bridge Hainan and Sanya to the rest of the world.

Go Sanya! Go Hainan!