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Sports & Games
4th Hainan windsurfing - Sanya WGP Challenge in Nov. 2017

The 4th Hainan International Tourism Island Windsurfing Grand Prix – Sanya Elite Challenge will be held once again in Sanya in November 2017.   The first edition of the Sanya Elite Challenge proved very successful. Held in November last year, the Sanya event attracted more than 100 competitors from 16 cities and regions including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The event also attracted a huge number of spectators.   This year’s Hainan Windsurfing Grand Prix will be held at three locations in China including Harbin, Hainan’s Haikou, and Sanya in......Read More

  What's On - Latest News
   Sanya Global Yoga Exchange Conference kicks off in Yalong Bay 02 Nov 2017
  4th Hainan windsurfing - Sanya WGP Challenge in Nov. 2017 20 Jul 2017
  World top kickboxers, Kunlun Fight 61 concluded in Sanya 15 May 2017
  Boxing Day Test Cricket Match on Monday 26th December in Sanya  24 Dec 2016
  See the best at world's badminton challenge in Lingshui Jan 2017 22 Dec 2016
  2016 China Dragon Boat Race Final to be held in Lingshui Dec. 3-4 28 Nov 2016
  2016 Hainan Danzhou International Marathon to be held on Dec 18  08 Nov 2016
  Lingshui to host 23rd Chinese Badminton World Championships 08 Aug 2016
  Sanya Cricket Club to stage a game with Xiamen Typhoons Cricket Team on 18th June  15 Jun 2016
  24 top China university volleyball teams competing in Wenchang  11 Apr 2016
  Wanning to host 2016 China Dragon Boat Race on March 9-10 04 Mar 2016
  2016 China Int'l Badminton Challenge to be held in Lingshui Jan 19-24 05 Jan 2016
  Lingshui to host 2015 National Menís Freestyle Wrestling Championship 08 Dec 2015
  Register now! 1st Hainan Volcano Cycling Cultural Festival in Haikou 03 Dec 2015
  2015 National Martial Arts Tai Chi Competition in Dingían Dec 1-3  27 Nov 2015
  Haikou to host China Ballroom Dance National Tournament  12 Oct 2015
  2015 National Mass Climbing Fitness Assembly (Baoting Stop) to open Oct 18  09 Oct 2015
  2015 China (Sanya) Intíl Woodball Tournament to be held in Oct 07 Sep 2015
  What's On - Latest Events
  Join Volvo Ocean Race crew, win a trip to Galway 04 Apr 2012
  VOR races are on at Sanya's Serenity Marina Feb 17-19 16 Feb 2012
  2nd ED. of China Sanya Int'l Rainforest Challenge - Luis J. A. Wee 07 Aug 2010
  What's On - Special Events

1st Hainan Volcano ...
January 16th to 17th, 2016

1st Hainan ...
Feb 1st-April 15th, 2016

7th Round Hainan ...
March 12th-20th, 2016

2016 Bo'ao Forum for ...
March 22nd-25th, 2016

2016 Si'nan Cup ...
April 9th-16th, 2016

9th Tour de Hainan ...
20th-28th October, 2014

16th Hainan Spring ...
29th April to 1st May, 2012

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