Nature panorama, kapok flowers in blossom at Bacun Village, Baoting

Updated: 2017-02-16
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One of the most beautiful natural sights in Hainan is the groves of kapok trees in full bloom, which give the appearance of being full of burning flowers.
The prime period for observing kapok flowers in Hainan has arrived. The palm-sized red flowers usually bloom from February to March.
Bacun Village
Bacun Village (保亭八村) in Baoting County has over 1,000 flowering kapok trees, which makes the village arguably one of the most popular spots for enjoying the blazing kapok flowers scattered all over the island in spring.
The kapok flowers are also called “Hero Flowers” because of their uplifting appearance and in honor of a hero, Ji Bei, who is admired by the Li Minority people in Hainan Province.
As the blossom front sweeps the small village over the course of two months, people from both near and far flock in droves to the most popular flower-viewing points to observe the bountiful, eye-catching red flowers every day. Many visitors also pick up the fallen flowers and place them in shapes in order to create lovely pictures. 
As Bacun Village lies at the foot of Qixianling Mountain, the blazing kapok trees and other flowering trees create a rich medley of spring colors in the area, with lovely views of Qixianling Mountain in the distance.
The kapok tree is commonly known as the cotton tree. Locals in Bacun Village have long been growing kapok trees, using their cotton to make clothes and quilts. Locals also dry the kapok flowers to make herbal tea, believing the tea to have a salutary effect on health for those living in hot and humid climes.
Address: Bacun Village, Zaling Township, Baoting County, Hainan Province
How to get there: Sanya Long-distance Bus Station to Baoting Long-distance Bus Station to Zaling Township to Bacun Village
三亚汽车站到保亭汽车站, 然后到保亭汽车站对面公交车站乘坐前往什玲镇的公交车到达什玲镇,转乘前往八村的小巴车
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