11th Haikou Int'l Tourism Merchandise Fair opens on Nov 29

  The eleventh (Haikou) International Tourism Merchandise Fair and North Hainan Food Festival opened in Haikou's Baishamen Park on November 29th and will last till December 2nd. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample products and food from all over China.   This year's Fair has more than 300 exhibitors and a total of 416 exhibition booths in 7 differently themed sections. The Hainan International Tourism Island area will showcase Hainan specialty items, tourism handicrafts, local food, etc. The Tourism Merchandise Area will showcase specialty items from

Life-like animatronic dinosaurs arrive at Haikou's Baishamen Park

  The roaring of dinosaurs floats over the snack stalls and competes with the happy shrieks of the riders of Baishamen Park's roller coaster, pirate ships, and other amusement park rides.     The head of a T-Rex can be seen moving about over the fence of the park's newest attraction, which features several different types of animatronic dinosaurs, who roar and move, simultaneously frightening and delighting visitors.       Best suited to families with young children, tickets to the attraction cost 30 RMB/person. Entrance is free

North Hainan Food Festival at Haikou's Baishamen Park Dec 5-8

  As part of the upcoming Hainan Carnival festivities, a North Hainan Food Festival will be held in Haikou's Baishamen park (located at the north end of Haidian Island) from December 5th – 8th.   The park will be filled with booths selling all kinds of tasty Hainanese cuisine, souvenirs, and art. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of North Hainan culture, and do a little shopping while you are at it!   Baishamen Park features meandering streams crossed by quaint wooden and and stone bridges, large grassy fields, forests, a lake with paddleboats,
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