Christine•Shan Restaurant opens in Wyndham Sanya Bay

Updated: 25 Jul 2017
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The French’s passion for the food is well known around the globe and it’s the devotion to their gastronomy that makes French cuisine one of the best in the world.



Christine•Shan Restaurant celebrated the grand opening on 24th July,2017 in Wyndham Sanya Bay.


Simple & natural handcrafts and materials texture combine with modern interior design new trend to create a comfortable and new French style dining atmosphere. Embracing the quintessential art of living essence, Christine?Shan Restaurant prides itself on celebrating its French roots while honoring and showcasing the finest local customs and traditions, seamlessly combining the two to produce an exciting mix of rich cultural initiatives, lets you indulge in classic gastronomy complemented by impeccable service and an impressive collection of outstanding personalized culture.






Chef & Sommelier Recommendation
1. Michel Roth Renowned French Michelin Three-star Chef
Awarded as Bocuse Cuisine Award
France's Best Craftsmen" Title
Air France Invited Chef

2.Chen Xi
Champion of RVF World Blind Tasting Wine Competition
The French National Sommelier
The Elysee Palace Sommelier
French Burgundy st. Vincent decorated knight

Chef Michel & Chen Xi always enjoy opportunities to be truly creative by way of rounding off a dining experience with delightful difference.


Christine•Shan Restaurant

Tel: +86-178 8880 1226/ 139 1061 653


Address: Located in the Wyndham Sanya Bay, 93 Xincheng Road, Sanya Bay, Tianya District, Sanya, Hainan 572000, China 中国海南省三亚市天涯区三亚湾新城路93号三亚丽禾温德姆酒店内


SOURCE: Christine Shan Restaurant




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