Sanya Nanshan Temple, biggest Buddhist temple in S China

Updated: 16 Jun 2010
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Nanshan Temple in Sanya
Situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Sanya City, Hainan Province, the Nanshan (South Mountain) Temple ranks as one of the attractions in the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. Occupying an area of 400 mu (66 acres), it is the biggest Buddhist preaching site established since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Nestling at the foot of Nanshan (South Mountain) Mountain (an auspicious region famous for Chinese Buddhist culture with emphasis on longevity-happiness), the temple was completed on 12 April, 1998, the 2,000th anniversary year of Buddhism coming to China.

With its total floor space of 40,000 sq meters (10 acres), Nanshan Temple boasts several replicas of Tang Dynasty (618-907) architecture. The Renwang Gate (Mountain Gate), the entrance to the temple, has two figures of Buddha standing there as guards. As well, seven Buddhist figures are enshrined in the Doushuai Adytum (or Hall). The Maitreya Buddha (Sanskrit, Mile in Chinese) is in the middle of the Hall with two Bodhisattvas on each side. Around these three Buddhist images stand the Four Heavenly Kings, who act as Buddhist guardians with duties to protect all living creatures and to bring favorable weather and ample harvest. From the Doushuai Adytum, a porch brings visitors to Jin Tang, also called in the time of the Tang Dynasty, Daxiongbaodian (Hall of Ceremony). Here are enshrined the three main Buddha images: the Sakyamuni, the Bhaisajyaguru (Chinese Yaoshiwang) and the Amitabha (Chinese Amituo). These two halls comprise the main parts of the Temple.
The spectacular 108-meter (354-feet) high copper statue
of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva
In addition, there are some other enchanting sights in Nanshan Temple:
The Golden Jade Kwan-yin Statue:  
This amazing national treasure is a 3.8-meter(13-feet) high Golden Jade Kwan-yin Statue. It is covered with 100 kg (221 pounds) of gold and silver, embedded with 120 carats of South African diamonds plus countless jewels, and containing two sacred Buddhist relics.

Sea Watch Terrace:
Just in front of the Nanshan Temple is a terrace directly facing the South China Sea, from which visitors can admire the vast seascape and meanwhile view the spectacular 108-meter (354-feet) high copper statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva.

Nanshan Temple is a comparatively new temple which combines Buddhist culture, garden architectures, and recreational facilities with the spirit of peace, tranquility, happiness and harmony. And it must be a wise choice for visitors who wish to pay their respects to Buddhist culture while traveling in Sanya.

Tips: The vegetarian food in Nanshan Temple is very famous, including many nutritious dishes made of wild fungus, konjak, and bean products.

Travel Information:

Address Yacheng Town, Sanya, Hainan Island, China
Location To Sanya City 40 Kilometers
Transportation Taxi, Sightseeing Bus (Yalong Bay<->Nanshan Temple)
Admission Fee: CNY150 ; CNY78 for child
Other Ticket Gold Jade Statue CNY30 ; Buffet Lunch CNY48 ; Battery Car CNY20
Playing Time at least 2 hours
Tel/Fax 86-898-88837985 / 88837872
Open 08:00 ~ 18:00 
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