Team Dongfeng, Chinese entry to Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15

Updated: 26 Jan 2015
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Dongfeng Race Team, a team from China backed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and run by leading sailing management company OC Sport, is competing in the 12th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15.
Dongfeng means “the eastern wind” and this ambitious Chinese team, skippered by Frenchman Charles Caudrelier, is represented by a crew that is half Chinese, half international.
Dongfeng Race Team follows Team Sanya (2011-12) and Green Dragon (2008-09) as the third Chinese entry in the race’s 40-year history, the latter a joint-entry with Ireland.
Setting out from Alicante, Spain, seven world-class crews are embarking on the grueling nine month race. Since the very first Volvo Ocean Race left port in 1973, the competition has earned itself a reputation as a demanding test of endurance and skill –the current race is sure to be no exception.
Dongfeng Race Team, like the rest of the fleet, is sailing in the new One-Design Volvo Ocean 65, which means they have exactly the same boat and competitive opportunities as anyone in the race.
The race is broken into legs and in the 2014-15 Race there are nine of them, with the boats crossing four oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans) and visiting 11 countries in five continents: Spain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, China, New Zealand, Brazil, United States, Portugal, France, The Netherlands and Sweden.
Leg 1 and the adventure begins at Alicante, Spain.
Leg 1 and the adventure begins at Alicante, Spain.
Leg 1 and the adventure begins at Alicante, Spain.
Leg 2 starts, Dongfeng Race Team is leaving Cape Town.
 Leg 3 - Abu Dhabi to Sanya
  Leg 3 - Abu Dhabi to Sanya
The race has finished the first two legs -- starting in Alicante (Spain) before sailing to Cape Town (South Africa), Abu Dhabi (UAE), and continues east to Sanya, China.
Dongfeng Team survives Malacca Strait, securing first place in leg 3   
Sail break scare for Dongfeng Team as Leg 3 lead is cut
The 3rd Leg gets underway with teams departing from Abu Dhabi, UAE and sailing approximately 4,670 nautical miles to Sanya, China. Currently, Dongfeng Race Team continue to hold the edge in Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race with the rest of the fleet bunched up behind and waiting for the opportunity to pounce.
  Dongfeng Race Team
Dongfeng Race Team Crew:
Skipper: Charles Caudrelier
Eric Peron - Driver/Helmsman/Trimmer
Black – Pit
Kevin Escoffier - Bowman/Driver/Helmsman
Martin Stromberg - Watch Leader/Driver/Helmsman/
Thomas Rouxell - Watch Leader/Driver/Helmsman/Trimmer
Leo - Trimmer
Yann Riou - Onboard Reporter
Horace - Bowman/Trimmer
Kit – Pit
Pascal Bidégorry - Navigator/Driver/Helmsman/Trimmer
Kong Chencheng – Trimmer
Wolf - Pit