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Health & Fitness Create on 18-11-06 by alvin99Total Views 33
GRS Ultra All cells in the body need water, oxygen, glucose and glutathione. The levels of glutathione in our cells could be predictive of how long we will live. For exhaustion and chronic fatigue sufferers reading this, the information that follows is vital to you!

What is glutathione? It is a tri-peptide, or a small protein composed of the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamate. It is made in every cell of the body and it must be made by the 3 amino acids, cysteine, glycine and glutamate. Your body is either replicating healthy cells and delaying the aging process or it is replicating unhealthy cells and speeding up the aging process. Every cell makes and recycles it, the largest amount being found in the liver, lining of the lungs, kidney, heart and brain.

Why is glutathione important?

1. It is a major antioxidant produced by the cell. It is able to neutralize free radicals and recycle other antioxidants such as vitamins C & E. It actually helps your body more efficiently use the other antioxidants.
2. It is the body's most effective detoxifier. It binds to undesirable toxins, pollutants, and cancer-causing chemicals, etc. and excretes them through the urine or gut.
3. It improves immune response
4. It helps regulate the cell's vital functions, such as synthesis and repair of DNA.
5. It contributes to the production of red blood cells.
6. It helps in wound healing.
7. It helps build lean muscle mass.
8. It inhibits harmful viruses and bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
9. It increases one's aerobic exercise capacity by up to 13%.

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