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Health & Fitness Create on 18-11-06 by alvin99Total Views 43
Orchid Care Leaves Tell Us About Orchid Health

Over the past 20 years the orchid supply Myco Nuker has become almost limitless. All in all orchid care leaves is becoming more important to all the orchid lovers. The leaves can also give very important information about the orchid plant.

Orchid care leaves can help you to diagnose what is wrong with your plant. I imagine this as one of the best ways to see the early signs of potentially fatal diseases.

Leaves can be yellow, blackened or brown or they may become shriveled. Let's learn more about orchid care and what to do.

Blackened leaves show their effects on the body or the tip of the leaf. If it is on the body of the plant it is usually due to the hot sun causing a leave to burn. Orchid care would tell us that if this may to the case put the plant away from direct sunlight.

If sun burn is not the cause and the size of the spots continue to grow then it may be a bacterial or fungal disease. orchid care leaves suggest to cut off the affected part of the leave and treat it will a fungicide like natriphene.

What about blackened or brown tips of the leave. This could be caused by excessive minerals in your water. This is fairly common in well water. With orchid care you should have your water tested.

It also could be caused by excessive fertilizing, especially cymbidiums or once again a fungal infection. If it seems to become larger you need to cut off the affected and treat the plant with a fungicide.

Leaves may also be mottled or streaked black or brown. They are telling us that this could be from a viral infection. Caring for orchids tells us to determine this special tests are needed and can be provided by your local agriculture experiment station. You will need to send in a leave. As in humans, there is really not much for treating this right now. Orchid care leaves also suggest that you isolate this plant right away.

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