Places for sea fishing in Wenchang

Updated: 2015-10-19
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Blessed with extremely rich marine resources and beautiful surroundings, Wenchang boasts one of the best cities in Hainan for anglers to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of sea fishing.


Along Wenchang’s 278.5-km-long coast there are a total of 36 large and small natural harbors with fertile areas rich in aquatic resources. Wenchang’s waters are home to more than 800 species of fish including valuable grouper, Spanish mackerel, lobster, prawn, abalone, and squid.


For those who fancy catching their own dinner, or just enjoy a bit of sport, here are three places to experience sea fishing in Wenchang.


1. Puqian 铺前钓点


Puqian Port is the closest fishing port to Haikou City and is also an important port in northwest Wenchang.


The area around Puqian Port is a natural habitat for mangroves and is abundant in aquatic resources. These aquatic resources form a very productive ecosystem, providing a nursery for a variety of fish.


Puqian Port is a hotspot for black seabream, giant grouper and mangrove snapper.


2. Tonggu Ridge 铜鼓岭钓点


Tonggu Ridge is one of the famous tourist attractions in Wenchang City. The sea surrounding Tonggu Ridge is a natural fishing ground and has an varied abundance of tropical fish, such as moray eel, green wrasse and grouper.


Tonggu Ridge has three ideal areas for fishing: Stone Park, Da’ao Bay and Moon Bay. The most common types of fishing here are rock fishing and offshore fishing. 


3. Dongjiao Coconut Plantation 东郊椰林钓点


Located on the seaside of Dongjiao Town, Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is best known for its large coconut plantation.


The area surrounding Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is a natural breeding zone for a variety of tropical aquaculture species such as bass, moray eel, and Mangrove snapper.


It is home to a thriving fishing industry. Houses and businesses float on giant rafts, in-between fish farms. A variety of fishing can be found here, including craft fishing and float fishing.


4. Mulan Bay 木兰湾钓点


Mulan Bay is quiet and surrounded by nature and the shimmering sea dotted with huge and rugged reefs. Here visitors can see the Mulantou Lighthouse, the tallest in China and the eighth tallest lighthouse in the world.


Underwater visibility here is up to five meters, meaning that you can see far into the ocean water. At Mulan Bay it is possible to catch, among many other types of fish, yellowtail snapper, grouper and lethrinidae.



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