Sanya to position itself as a healcare tourism destination

Updated: 2014-04-17
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To meet domestic and overseas demand, Sanya is expediting the development of its health recovery and recreation tourism projects. The Sanya International Friendship Traditional Chinese Medicine Convalescent Hospital is expected to be completed this August.


With a total investment of 169 million yuan, the hospital includes a convalescent center, a training center and a health recovery center.


The local government has adopted the goal of developing Sanya into a health city -- a Chinese medicine health care and recovery city that can obtain international fame and popularity.


Sanya TCM Hospital is one of the best-known TCM health recovery institutions among Russian tourists. It is also among the first institutions in Hainan to promote the various TCM therapies available, such as acupuncture, massage and cupping therapy, in order to attract more tourists.


Since its establishment in 2002, the hospital treats 3,000 foreign patients a year. As of this March, the hospital has received over 30,000 overseas patients, mainly from Germany, Austria, Norway, Russia and some Central Asian nations.


Sanya has many natural resources for the development of medical tourism, with mineral hot springs, lush forests with high-oxygen content. Some of its natural resources are also used for some traditional Chinese medicine.


Due to the favorable natural and medical conditions as well as the increasing market demand, experts said Sanya can develop into a medical tourism spot by building a special zone for TCM tourism.



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