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Fr. United States
Topic: Large Numbers Protest Dongfang Goverment
2016-11-15.... Large numbers join protest, at Dongfang City Hall, for illegal sale of Apartments in Dongfang City. Last year Rose Garden Bay, sold over 60 apartment, zero received homes and zero were reimburse the cost of their homes.
Fly Dragon estate, sold many homes without certification. Built one Building without permit. Built another 15 floors high, with permit to build 12 floors.
At second location, buyers pay for 77 square meter apartment and receive 56 meters square.
Yesterday Fly Dragon Estate buyers had appointment to meet with City Director but were told to busy, asked to return today.
This morning I and my wife go to meet with the director as requested. I was sitting, at table, outside in a small park, next to City office, with my wife and 2 friends. A government employee, physically attacked us, choked me, hit my wife and my two friends. Then he called the police, to remove us from the area.
The City director never arrived.
More 100 protesters from Rose Garden Bay, arrived shortly after. with signs to protest the Government who permit large developers to cheat and steal and punish the victims.
15 Nov 2016
Fr. United States
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Hainan Government ignores, as I personally traveled to Haikou and showed the Documented proof!
24 Nov 2016
Fr. United States
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17 Dec 2016
Fr. Vietnam
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05 Jan 2017
Brajesh singh
Fr. India
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21 Jan 2017

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