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Go for Dragon Quilt, the most treasured of Li brocades in Hainan

Dragon Quilt, also called “Yazhou Quilt” or “Great Quilt,” is a kind of brocade handiwork created by the Li ethnic people in Hainan. The dragon quilt is the most treasured among all the varieties of Li brocade. Its production utilizes weaving, printing, dyeing, embroidering, and twining, and it features exquisite, gorgeous colors, elegant designs, and diverse styles, which made it a precious court tribute in ancient times. Pattern designs ...Read More
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  Haikou Bougainvillea-themed Park to open in 2017  (14 Jun 2016)
  Yazhou Guyue Ethnic Cultural Village reopens after a series of upgrades  (26 Nov 2015)
  Yalong Bay Sports Lottery Entertainment Center opens at MGM Grand Sanya  (13 Nov 2015)
  Sanya Dan People Cultural Hall opens to public  (30 Sep 2015)
  Li and Miao heritage adds to Hainan's allure (01 Sep 2015)
  Experience tribal life of Li people in Binglanggu Valley, Hainan (19 Jun 2015)
  1st phase of Changying Hainan movie theme park to open in 2016 (08 Jun 2015)
  Haikou to build world-class indoor ski slope theme park  (04 Jun 2015)
  Historic hot spring in Sanya needs conservation (25 May 2015)
  Cultural activities to celebrate Junpo Festival in Hainan  (09 May 2015)
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