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 English speaking volunteerczfreic@16...6102435620 Jan 17 
 Dongfang City Officials suspended, during investigationYuehan6043425323 Feb 17 
 Donfang Man Stabbed to Death!Yuehan391196807 Jan 17 
 mvwlnsaThomasNug171483317 Mar 17 
 free movies onlinekush2214002 Apr 17 
 Clean & free public toiletsChesspawn38953531 Jan 12 
 Why won't Chinese Standup for themselves Yuehan4012716 Jan 17 
 ualrayyCurtisMi1882509 Apr 17 
 Jual Vimax 081228610028 Di Batammacho-Shop694002313 Feb 17 
 viagra buyViagrajet3132320 Apr 17 
 Washing clothes in the seaChesspawn20901522 Jan 12 
 Contract loversChesspawn15511524 Jan 12 
 Girls in Hainan are the most beautiful in China!Chesspawn44191427 Jan 12 
 Sanya experiencekalemac15911331 Jan 12 
 Price hikes over CNY in Sanyatiger15791130 Jan 12 
 Greatest piece of music ever writtenAntimacassar21361029 Jan 12 
 Corruption is here to stay in Hainan.Yuehan1271007 Apr 17 
 Defining a foreignerChesspawn1408811 Jan 12 
 Dodgy statsChesspawn1383813 Jan 12 
 Going to the dogs...Antimacassar1545829 Jan 12 
 New JC fitness club in Dadonghailittlered2783816 Feb 12 
 Mothers day Gift Ideas messages and cardsmoth123491822 Apr 16 
 Last Year over 500 Hainan Government officials convicted of Corruption.Yuehan120817 Apr 17 
 Friday the 13thChesspawn1380713 Jan 12 
 Sanya is expensivecoco73732222713 Feb 12 
 Why do Chinese shout?Chesspawn2880716 Feb 12 
 Traffic fences on Sanya major roads sanyalovers1110611 Jan 12 
 Hainan right up there!Chesspawn806610 Jan 12 
 CHESS-taking the initiative Chesspawn851604 Jan 12 
 Hainan women's rightsChesspawn1665612 Feb 12 
 BOOKSprettyWINGS4803618 Aug 13 
 Sanya-Guangzhou trainChesspawn845503 Jan 12 
 Spelling mistake in drop down menuChesspawn865510 Jan 12 
 What do you like best about Sanya?kungfupanda1357522 Jan 12 
 Sanya AcrosticsAntimacassar1542503 Feb 12 
 Foreigners cannot stay in Sanya ?Nordmann19402320514 Mar 12 

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