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Fr. Algeria
Topic: Wireless Microphone System
Using latest numerical control technology design.
Condenser pick-up, provides the top definition and directivity
LCD screen indicate working mode
Use 1.5V AA *3 battery and rechargeable lithium battery, convenient to change battery
Speech number at the same time mostly 4 people, include chairman unit and delegate unit totally
Standby function

D6802 & D6803 are 2.4G digital wireless conference system microphones. D6802 is a chairman unit and D6803 is a delegate unit. It has high fidelity microphone head, condenser pickup head, provides the top definition and directivity, light ring display working condition. It has LCD screen display working condition and equip with prior-button to control delegate unit speak, press the button can be mandatory to cut off the delegate to speech. Use 1.5V AA battery, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative when replace the battery.

Power supplyDry battery (1.5V AA*3)Rechargeable lithium battery (DC4.5V)
Transmitter power10mW10mW
Microphone coreCondenser, single directionCondenser, single direction
Frequency response20Hz~18KHz20Hz~18KHz
Power consumption130mA130mA

Chairman unitDelegate unit
1. microphone head
2. LCD screen
3. standby/speak key
4. chairman unit priority key
5. non-removable microphone
1. microphone head
2. LCD screen
3. Standby /spcak key
4. non-removable microphoneWireless Microphone System
08 Nov 2018

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